BUFORD E. THURMON was born at Wellington, MO June 10, 1921.  He enlisted in Marine Corps Nov. 4, 1940. 
Buford served with the 4th Marines in Shanghai January to December, 1941.  His group landed at Alongapo Dec. 7, 1941, after the attack of Pearl Harbor.  "I was transferred to Mariveles then Corregidor to serve beach defense. 
I was then captured by Japanese May, 1942."
Buford was sent to POW Camp Cabanatuan No. 2 and then to No. 1.  "I suffered from beriberi, malaria, dysentery and malnutrition which resulted in blindness and a weight of 90 pounds at lowest point."

"Next I was transferred to Omuta, Japan in 1944 and worked in coal mines until end of war."

Buford married Shirley Kappelman of Higginsville, MO on July 27, 1946.  They have three sons, Steven, Kevin and Tim who are practicing CPA’s. "I worked in insurance, real estate and tax accounting business before my retirement in 1987."


Credit: Submitted by Buford Thurman -  History of the Defenders of the Philippines Guam and Wake Islands 1941-1945 Turner Publishing Co.



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