Evans R. Garcia
200th Coast Artillery  Battery "H"

                  Tell Me Another War Story:
                         The Life of Evans Garcia

                         Courageous Soldier, American Hero, My Dad    
                                   by daughter, Margaret Garcia

The Evans Ramirez Garcia
ROTC Scholarship at
New Mexico State University (NMSU)
March, 2007

Family and friends of Evans Ramirez Garcia and the New Mexico State University Foundation, Inc. have established the Evans Ramirez Garcia ROTC Scholarship at New Mexico State University. The first award will be given on March 24, 2007 to a NMSU ROTC student at the annual Bataan Memorial March Ceremonies at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.  The scholarship fund is structured in such a manner that the award will be given annually in perpetuity at the Bataan Memorial March to a deserving ROTC student.


Photo: Evans Garcia and the first Scholarship recipient, Cadet Anthony Filosa III, New Mexico State ROTC

This scholarship is to honor our father, grandfather and good friend for his heroism and sacrifices as a Bataan Veteran.  Evans Garcia was born in Dona Ana, New Mexico on June 19, 1913.  He had a solid work ethic from the age of 10, when he began working in his grandfather’s alfalfa field in Dona Ana, minding the horses that transported the alfalfa into a bale-making machine.  He attended New Mexico State University in 1934, but did not graduate, as he decided to go to work full time to help his Mother.  He volunteered for the Army at age 27, becoming a part of the 200th Coastal Artillery, Battery H of the New Mexico Army National Guard, which was sent to the Philippines in September of 1941. The men of the 200th were among those who fought the decisive battles after the Japanese attacked the Philippines on December 7, 1941, keeping the Japanese army from taking the islands quickly as they had planned  This gave the US time to re-fortify and plan for the European front, possibly changing the course of the war.  The courageous soldiers were captured by the Japanese and forced to surrender, becoming prisoners of war and forced to endure the brutal Bataan Death March.  Soon after, they were shipped to Japan to work as slave laborers in the coal mines of the enemy.  Evans Garcia spent 42 grueling months in prison camp, but kept his hope and spirits intact by praying and helping others.  

The scholarship committee of the Military Science ROTC Department and the NMSU Scholarship Services committee have met and are currently reviewing the credentials of students who qualify for this first award.  The award recipient will, among other criteria, be a resident of New Mexico, a current ROTC student entering his/her senior year with a minimum 3.5 cumulative NMSU GPA, and will demonstrate financial need. 

Your contributions will keep Evans Garcia’s wish alive – that no one ever forget Bataan and its lessons. 
Please make checks payable to NMSU Foundation INC,
and be sure to write in the memo of your check that it is for the Evans Ramirez Garcia ROTC scholarship.
Send to:
New Mexico State University, Development Office, Dove Hall, MSC 3590, PO Box 30001, Las Cruces, NM  88003-8001

Thank you for your support!

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            Sadly we lost Evans on January 29, 2011 - click here to read his obituary


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