Pvt. Felix Flores

Home: Bee County, Texas
Inducted: U. S. Army - 20 March 1941- Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Training: Fort Knox, Kentucky, Camp Polk, Louisiana
753rd Tank Battalion  192nd Tank Battalion, Company D
Overseas Duty: Philippine Islands - Engagements: Battle of Bataan
Prisoner of War: 9 April 1942,  Death March
POW Camps: Philippine Islands: Camp O'Donnell & Cabanatuan
Japan:  Fukuoka Camp 17 - coal mining
Hell Ship: Clyde Maru - 23 July 1943 - 10 August 1943

Died in Camp Pneumonia and starvation, September 6th, 1945



Credit: Jim Opolony: 192nd & 194th Tank Battalion

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