Horace J. Comeaux's Biographical Sketch

I was in the Army Air Corps,
27th Bomb Gp (Light) 16th Sqdn.
Arrived in the Philippines 18 days before
Pearl Harbor and was on Bataan when it fell.

Prison camps I was in were:
O`Donnell, Gapan, Cabanatuan and Bilibid.
Left Manila July 2nd 1944 by ship,
landed in Moji, Japan Sept. 2nd;
worked coal mines at Fukuoka #17.
I was liberated Sept. 15th 1945.

I worked for Chevron Oil Company for 32 years
in Port Arthur, Texas; have been retired 15 years.

I am 75 yrs old now and in pretty fair shape.
Have been married for 52 years;
have 2 children & 3 grandchildren.

Horace J. Comeaux
Rayne, Louisiana


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