Marinus van der Made

    Marinus van der Made, was born 29 of May 1916 in the village Made in Holland.
   A Dutch
Korps Marinier on the Hr.Ms Piet Hein, Marinus was taken prisoner of war in 1942.
Suffering abuse at several POW slave labor camps, Marinus
arrived in Fukuoka Camp 17 on 19 June 1944
   with group of Australian, British & Dutch POWs on the hellship Teia Maru.
  Many of the men were coming from  from Burma-Thailand railroad on the Frenchboat, the Aramis.
The Aramis (French Boat) is the same as the ship Teia Maru. The Aramis was seized by the Japanese and dubbed the Teia Maru.

   His  marine ship, the Piet Hein (photo above), was torpedoed in the gulf of Siam and was 48 hours later sent with some survivors on Bali.
                                                                                    Marinus Made's POW camps included...

Bali     Feb.1942  ~  Apr. 1942

Java      Apr. 1942   ~   Oct.   1942

Singapore   Oct.  1942   ~  Jan.   1943

Thailand    Jan.   1943   ~  June  1944

Japan   June   1944    ~   August    1945

He became free on 15 September 1945.
The Red Cross organization deported him to Manila with a Dutch Army Chaplain named Pastor Cools from Rotterdam Holland.

Later he traveled by Red Cross support with a group Dutch POW's to New York where they where shipped on the Queen Mary to England.
His friend, the Dutch Chaplain Cools was the one who had taken care of the POW's the last mouths in Camp Omuta.
Pastor Cools also was on the Brewster and the Queen Mary.

Photo left is of Marinus and his bride, A.J. van Gils (called Jaantje) on 5th of May 1946
Photo right is Marinus near the Dutch Memorial for POW'S of WWII from Japan ~ in the Hague of their diplomatic town.

Submitted by his daughter, Jeanne Bot van der Made




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