The Picture

 He stood there with hope, dreams and visions for his life.
 He stood so tall and straight
 Waiting for his life to unfold
 Little did he know what was before him
 The walk of despair, hardship and pain.
 He came back from Hell
 He made a new life
 His daughters made him smile.
 She now gazes down at the picture with part of her life behind her.
  A tear forms on her cheek, because she
 wishes she had known his secret anguish,
 his hopes and dreams for his life
    by Frances Owens, dedicated to her DadJune 18, 2004  
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  Telegram - POW Bilibid Prison Note and POW "tenko" number tag

  Letter to his grandmother - from Fukuoka POW Camp 17

   Articles referring to Samuel's Diary and awarded the Silver Star

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