Tjeerd Eijsvoogel, Army Corporal, Dutch POW

Tjeerd Eijsvoogel was born on 30-07 1922 in Tegal, Indonesie (Indonesia) and died in 1975 in Holland.
His age was 52 when he died. His whole life he was in the army.
In Indonesie he was in the army, named KNIL.  In Indonesie during the war he was taken  prisoner of war. The Japanese took him to
Java, Singapore and after that Japan kamp XVII in  Omuta.  (Fukuoka Camp 17)

In September 1945 he was liberated. I know he was very grateful for that.
 My mother was even born in Indonesia, and she was in the army too. She was taken in prison too ( Adekkamp )
In 1948 my father and mother went to Holland, where we all ( 4 kids)  were born.

My father and mother never told us anything about the horrible time in Indonesia and Japan.

Submitted by son,
Wim Eijsvoogel


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