William F. Steinbrecher, Jr.

WILLIAM F. STEINBRECHER was born June 2, 1919 Glen Ellyn, IL.  He enlisted U.S. Marines June 1, 1938.  He was first assigned to the 6th Marines San Diego, CA until October 1939 then to D Co., 1st Bn., 4th Marines, Shanghai, China.  William was transferred to Military Police Shanghai; then to Subic Bay Philippines to Bataan; and then on to Corregidor on Monkey Point. It was there he was defending Corregidor at time of capture May 6, 1942. William was moved to Bilibid, then Cabanatuan, Lipa Batangas, and the transported by hellship to Fukuoka  Camp No. 17 Omuta, Japan where he was forced into labor for two years in a coal mine.

        Discharged as platoon sergeant in August 1946 William was 100% disabled.  He retired from public transportation June 2, 1981.  Residing in Denver, CO.


       Credit: History of the Defenders of the Philippines Guam and Wake Islands 1941-1945 Turner Publishing Co


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