Articles and Memorials

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Journal and Photos of Linda's Trip to New Mexico for a Bataan Death March Memorial

  2.  Former Camp 17 POW visits Lewiston, Idaho and the "Patriots" behind this Web site

  3.  2nd Provisional Infantry Regiment fight for Bataan

  4.  Tribute to the Men on the Bataan Death March

  5.  Joe Johnson (Baby of Bataan) Wins National Award

  6.  Philosophy of an EX-POW

  7.  Bataan Death March and the 66 year Struggle for Justice

  8.  Students Essay Page: Students tell neglected POW history to their generation

  9.  The Long March into Oblivion - an American Disgrace

  10.  Joe Johnson's POW/MIA Speech

  11.  Japanese Apology & responses

  12.  7th Material Squadron & 2nd Provincial Infantry on Bataan

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