When I first taught students of the neglected history of the troops on the Philippines,
                it was the students' request to write the veterans and then honor these men that led to the creation of this web site. 
               (For the full story see "Project History" link and the end article, "Rest of the Story".)
               For the past 10 years, the responses, requests and contacts have (literally) come from all over the world!
               And now it is my passion and dedication to continue the goal of this site; 
               to honor these Bataan, Corregidor and Filipino veterans, and to provide information to their families and friends and 
               interested  citizens in many countries.

This work and funding is carried solely by myself; therefore, financial backing to continue to carry this site is much needed and appreciated. 
If you would like to be a part of preserving this site, please send your donations to the address listed below
Or you may use the PayPal link. 
Sharing the website address with others is also a great way to support the site. 
If you wish, I will gladly note you as a contributor on the site.  Money donated will go towards Internet service, supplies, mailings and materials, such as books,
documents and other media resources.  I will provide quarterly financial statements to anyone that wishes to see how the money is spent.
Despite this website project being non-profit - because it is not a formal non-profit organization, donations are not tax-deductible. 

               If I could retire early :) and dedicate myself solely to this project, there would be many more hours of postings and research,
                 thanks to many who submit so much important documents, articles and information. Regardless, I am dedicated to this project and these heroes.

             If you have questions or need further information please contact me at lvbataan@cableone.net.

            Thank you for your consideration and especially for supporting this site just by visiting it.

Sincerely, Linda V. Dahl  
Fukuoka 17-Omatu, POW  Project Manager 
1107 Riverview St. N.
Lewiston, Idaho  83501

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