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Only a few photographs still exist of the Fukuoka #17 camp.  For one of the best collections click here 
Fukuoka Camp 17 Photo Collection

Don't miss this!  Camp 17 "entertainment show" photo

Several more photos can be found on the Biography Page in the individual biographies,
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Click here for Photos of POW's upon  recovery from Fukuoka Camp 17.  (scroll down to Camp 17 photos)

NEW photo: Men on Bataan 1942 - do you know these men?

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Ft. McDowell

Ft. Drum Pre-WWII

192nd Tank B. Co. C

Ft. Drum 2002

Bilibid Hospital 

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General King

Surrender instructions

Death  March 

Camp 17
Signed Parachute

Death March

Ft. Mills & Frank

Dutch War 

King & Tisdale

POW Address Diary

Clark Field
Dec. 8, 1941

Pier 7 - Manila Port


192nd Tank Battalion

USS President



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