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A complete study of Guam and Allied POW's and POW Camps of the Japanese.  Click Here  

A thorough insight into the Life and Death at a POW Camp in War-Time Japan. Pictures, biographies, war crimes...from many camps. 
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Fukuoka #1  Click here

Fukuoka #17

Defenders of the Philippines

POW's on Corregidor

Descendents Group - American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor

Homepage of Prisoners of the Japanese

192nd & 194th Tank Battalion

Hells Ships and Hellships & Rosters (2 different sites) Excellent Site on the Oryoku Maru & 1st hand accounts
Japanese POW Web Site US - Japan Dialogue on POW's
Tragedy of Bataan - Excellent! Bataan: a Survivor's Memoir

Bataan Son Blogspot

Australian Prisoners of War 

Ghost of Bataan: Sgt. Major Abie Abraham

Mukden POW Remembrance Society
Captive Memories - POW interviews and more The Long March Into Oblivion
WWII POW Daughter's Dedication ADBC Museum
Lt Cdr Minter Dial's - Annapolis Ring (Great Story & Site) Children and Families of the Far East Prisoners of War
Taiwan POW Website American Ex-Prisoners of War
Maywood Bataan Day Organization Fort Drum - Concrete Battleship of the Philippines
USS Canopus and the POWs Corregidor and Tales of the Corregidor Inn
Bataan Missing Death March, POW Survivor
Death at O'Donnell - Curtis Johnson Memorial Fepow Community
Britain's at War - Rising Sun Manila American Cemetery and Memorial
Forces War Records & Military Genealogy Records   Burma Railway
2 informative sites~ North China Marines and China Marines
Bataan/Corregidor Memorial of New Mexico - 515th and 200th Coast Artillery

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