883 Waard, Klaas de   DUT Navy - Matr.    
1426 Wagner, Casper   DUT Army - Sld.    
922 Wagner, Jean Harry   DUT Navy- Matr.    
868 Wakker, Johannes   DUT Army - Sld.    
   Walch, Robert David W.   AUS Army - Sgt.    
1970 Waldron, William   AUS Army - Pvt.    
41 Walker, Alfred Milton   USA Army Air Corp - S/Sgt. 48th Matl Sqdn 27th Bomb Gr (L) V Bomb Comd.  
1936 Walker, Donald Raymond   AUS Army - Pvt.    
506 Walker, Floyd Eugene   USA Army - Pvt.     
1485 Walker, Henry Edward    US Army - Cpl.    
1726 Walker, Robert Raymond   USA Marine - PFC.  4th Marines Regt.
K Co. 3rd Battalion
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: New Orleans, LA
122 Wall, James Robert Jr.   USA  Army - Cpl.  698th Ord Co (Avn) 27th Bomb Gr. (L) V Bomb Comd.  
1954 Wallace, Denis Ronald   AUS Army - Pvt.    
1445 Wallace, Douglas Robert   AUS Army - Pvt.    
   Wallace, Robert Clifton   AUS Army - L/Cpl.    
1163 Waller, R. T.       Deceased  
628 Walmsley, William Stanley   AUS Army - Dvr.    
1099 Walpole, Harry Joseph   BRI Army - Pvt.    
1298 Walsh, Ronald Roscoe   USA  Army - Pvt.     
1942 Ward, Frederick Thomas   AUS Army - Pvt.     
1780 Ware, Richard   BRI Army - Sgt.      
1055 Warnock, Moses   BRI Army - DVD.    
  Warren, Joseph   USA Army - Pvt. 228th Signal Operations Co. (Sep) Transferred: at Camp 17 ~ 2 Oct 43 -4 Dec 43
1066 Warstall, Alfred Frank   BRI Army - L/Cpl.    
725 Wassenaar, Sybrand   DUT Army - Sgt.      
73 Watson, Bruce Edward   USA  Navy - GM/3c     
1941 Watson, Christian William J.
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See Biography Page
  AUS Army - Pvt.     Deceased  21 October 1995
Prior to the war: last name was Nuthall
1736 Watson, Donald James
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  USA  Army - PFC  Medic Deceased  27 August,  2003
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
637 Waugh, Royal Alfred   AUS Army - Pvt.    
   Weatherhead, Henry Strydan   AUS Army - Pvt.       
1989 Weaver, Herbert Raymond F
Son's E-mail no longer active; please contact to update.
  AUS Army - Pvt.    Deceased  5 July  1993,  aged 73 
1053 Webb, James   BRI Army - Dvr.      
1115 Webb, John Geoffrey   BRI Army - Dvr.           
74 Weber, John Joseph   USA  Navy - AM/3c        
    Webb, Roy Oliver William J.   AUS Army - Pvt.      
1079 Webster, Robert   BRI Army - Pvt.      
1183 Weidel, Leonard August   USA Navy - CCSTD Chief Commissary    
1799 Weir, John   BRI Army - Pvt.      
  Wel, Johan van der   DUT Army - Korporal     Deceased  12 May, 2002  aged 88,
     at Adelaide, South Australia
  Welschen, Johannes B. J.   DUT Army - Sgt.      
1382 Wessel, Maarten Henry   DUT Army - Brig.      
928 Wessels, Jules   DUT Army - Sld.        
1686 West, C. E.          
  Westerbeck, Arthur Eric   AUS Army - Pvt.     
807 Westermann, Adriaan   DUT Navy - Kwm    
858 Westra, Coert   DUT Army - Sld.      
1769 Wheeler, Earl  Harrison
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  USA  Army - Pvt.  192nd Tank Battalion
Medical detachment
Deceased  31 March 1993
Survived the Oryoka Maru
24 Wheeler, Jack Carroll   USA  Army - M/Sgt.  DML Demolition Detail
Philippine Dept.
1128 Wheeler, Reginald T. G.   BRI Army - Dvr.    
1740 White, Mondell   E-mail
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   See Veterans Photo Gallery
  USA Army - PFC  31st Infantry Regt. K Co.  Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
1477 Whitecross, Roy Hamilton   AUS Army - Pvt.   Whitecross wrote an excellent book,
"Slaves of the Son of Heaven". Published in
1951, the book mentions many names and incidents from Camp 17.
286 Whitlock, Louis Howard   USA  Army - Pvt.  H Btry 515th CA Regt (AA)  
378 Whitmire, Oscar L.   USA  Army - PFC  G Co. 31st Infantry Regt.
(US) Phil Div.
1711 Whitworth, Laurel Woodrow   USA  Navy - SC/1c  Cook Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Deceased  June 1989
1800 Wiggins, Thomas   BRI Army - Pvt.    
796 Wijgers, Henrik   DUT Army - Brig.     
  Wijling, Jacobus Antonius   DUT Army - Brig.    
735 Wijnands, Marinus   DUT Army-Sgt./Mont.    
1347 Wijnandts, Martinus   DUT Army - Sgt.    
1667 Wijnen, Bastiaan Hendrikus J   DUT Army - Sgt.     
492 Wilbur, Charles Robert   USA  Army - Pvt.  Air Warning Svc Co V Intcp Comd. FEAF  
1289 Wilder, Carleton Merral   USA  Army - Pvt.     
398 Wilhelm, Lester   USA Army - Pvt. QMC QM Det.
Ft. Wm McKinley
596 Wilkes, Hugh   AUS Army - Pvt.      
1802 Wilkins, Alfred John   BRI Army - Gun.   Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Seattle, WA.
  Wilkinson, Charles R.   AUS Army - Sgt.    
940 Wilkinson, Ronald Beaumont   BRI Army  Sgt.    
  Wilkinson, William Frederick Bowers   BRI Army - Dvr.    
424 Willard, Lewis Arthur   USA  Navy - F/1c  USS Quail Mine Div 8  
1363 Willems, Henricus Hubertus   DUT Army - Sgt.    
1296 Willett, Robert Lee   USA Army - Pvt.     
118 Williams, Earl Marshall
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  USA  Army Air Corp -Cpl. 27th Bomb Gr. Phil Div.  
1160 Williams, Elzie C.   USA Army - Sgt.    
520 Williams, Frank Edward   AUS Army - Cpl.    
Williams, Henry McKenzie   AUS Army - Sapper      
1712 Williams, Robert Morrison   USA  Army - Pvt.
5th Air Base Group
Hq and Hq Squadron Medic
Deceased   11 April 1983
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Oklahoma
1500 Williams, Ted Ralph
    See Biography Page
      Deceased 22 Dec.  2006  Age 85
  Williams, Thomas Albert   AUS Army - Sapper    
1506 Williams, William Lawrence   AUS Army - Sapper    
1054 Willingale, William John   BRI Army - Dvr.    
1467 Willis, Frederick Reginald   AUS Army - Dvr.    
14 Willis, Harry Kirtley   USA  Navy - CGM     
90 Wilson, Gerald Anthony   USA Army Air Corp -Cpl. 28th Matl Sqdn 20th Air Base Group FEAF  
186 Wilson, James Boyd
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  USA Army - Pvt.  K Co. 31st Infantry Regt.
(US) Phil Div.
Born 1 September 1920
Deceased  21 September 2009
1254 Wilson, Jessie Anderson   USA  Army - Pvt.     
144 Wilson, Robert Archie   USA  Army - PFC.  CAC A Btry 60th CA Regt. (AA)  HDM & SB  
1578 Wilson, Thomas Stuart   AUS Army - Sapper    
187 Wilson, William Henry   USA Army - Pvt.  QMC  
1774 Wilstead, James Edmond   USA Army - Pvt.  Medica Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Provo, Utah
1781 Winstanley, James   BRI Army - Sgt.     
1050 Winstanley, William   BRI Army - Dvr.    
1408 Winter, Willem Maarten    DUT Army - Dvr.    
425 Wise, James Orin   USA Navy - Sea/1c     
1558 Wiseman, Frederick Ernest   AUS Army - Pvt.    
850 Witbols, Feugen Hugo M.   DUT Army - Sld. Medic    
1394 Witteveen, Franciscus E. C.   DUT Air Force - Sld.    
  Wolf, Edward G.   USA USMC - PFC 4th Marine Regt.
M Co 3rd Bn.
Died in camp 11 February 1945
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Wisconsin
  Wolf, Jack Morse   USA Civilian Boardman, Oregon Captured on Wake Island
1763 Wolf, Joseph William   USA Army - Pvt.   Medical Corps  Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Saint Marys, MO.
105 Wolf, Sidney Ralph   USA Army - Cpl.  CAC Hq Btry 200th CA Regt. (AA)   
  Wollingen, Joseph van   DUT  Army - Brig.    
134 Wollack, Raymond Joseph   USA  Marine - Cpl.  H Co 2nd Bn 4th Marine Regt.   
1094 Wood, Harold   BRI Army - Pvt.    
? Wood, John Alvin   USA Army - Pvt. CAC 60th CA Regt. (AA)
G Battery
Died in camp 03 March 1945
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
1463 Wood, Keith Henry   AUS Army - Pvt.    
1801 Wood, Mathew   BRI Army - Pvt.    
1056 Wood, Thomas   BRI Army - Pvt.    
952 Woodhouse, Thomas Frank   BRI Army - Sgt.    
1113 Woodiwiss, Charles Albert   BRI Army - Pvt.    
49 Woodruff, Richard Arthur   USA  Army - Sgt.  CAC C Btry 60th CA Regt. (AA) HDM & SB Deceased  December 1987
1051 Woods, Robert   BRI Army - Dvr.    
939 Woodward, Charles Alexander Bob   BRI Army - Sgt.    
937 Woodward, Herbert Albert    BRI Army - S/Condr.    
  Wright, Raymond Robert   AUS Army - Pvt.    
1897 Wyllie, Kevin James   AUS Army - Air Force/Sgt.    
91 Wynn, William Walter, Jr.   USA Army - Cpl.  31st Inf Regt (US) Phil Div.   
1953 Yaxley, Leslie Charles   AUS Army - Pvt.    
377 Yellen, Frank Fred   USA Army - Pvt. H Co 31st Infantry Regt.
US) Phil Div.
15 Yocom, John H.   USA Army - T/Sgt.  CAC G Btry 60th CA Regt. (AA) HDM & SB  
75 Yoder, John Edward   USA  Navy - SF/3c     
  Yorke, Harry Benjamin F.   BRI Army - Pvt.    
1576 Young, David   AUS Army - Sapper    
226 Young, Sammie LeRoy   USA Army Air Corp -Pvt. 7th Matl. Sqdn 19th Bomb Gr (H) V Bomb Comd. Resides in Texas as of January 2006
970 Young, William Ross
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  BRI Cpl. Gordon Highlander
For information: click here -
Gordon Highlanders
Deceased   14 March 2007
Wrote of his POW experience:
 "A Gordon Highlander if Ever I Saw One"
162 Yovetich, John Michael   USA Army - PFC.  CAC 59th CA Regt.
1505 Yunker, Thomas William   AUS Army - Sap.    
826 Zeijlstra, Herman Johannes H   DUT Army - Mil Knr    
1396 Zeller, Bernhard Adriaan   DUT Army - Sld.    
38 Zergman, Walter Edward
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  USA  Navy - MM 2/c USS Canopus
Submarine Sqdn. 2
Deceased Summer 2010
83 Zimmerman, William Ernest
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  USA  Army - Sgt.  Medic Hospital #2 Deceased   24 March 1994
1362 Zonnenberg, Wim   DUT Army - Sgt.    
188 Zumar, William Anthony
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  USA  Army - Pvt.  CAC E Btry 59th CA Regt. HDM & SB  
1389 Zwart, Klaas    DUT  Army - Brig.     

* Ban  is the Japanese name for "number"     NAT: Nationality  USA-America,  AUS-Australian, BRI-British
                                                                    DUT-Dutch,   CZECH-Czechoslovakian,   NOR-Norwegian

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