1381 Aartsma, Adolf  DUT Army - CPL.    
17 Abbott, Woodrow Samuel  USA Navy - Sk1C   Deceased  29 March 1993
932 Abbott, Shirley Jack  BRI Army-S/Condr    
1572 Ablett, Norman Leslie  AUS Army - Pvt.    
688 Adam, Johannes Pieter DUT Army Sgt. ML    
1973 Adames, Alfred William  AUS Army - Pvt.    
470 Adams, Berdine
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 USA Army - Pvt. M Co 31st Infantry Reg. US) Phil Div. Deceased  April 2008
123 Adams, Edwin Berdine USA Marine - Cpl. A Co 1st Bn, 4th Marine Regt.  
454 Adams, John Carroll  USA Marine - PFC F Co 2nd Bn, 4th Marine Regt.  
934 Aegerter, Robert Paul  BRI Army - S/Sgt.    
1302 Aguilar, Maclovio Jr.  USA Army - Pvt.    
1650 Ah Chong, (Kahinu)  ? Civilian    
1628 Aiken, James Murray  AUS Army - Pvt.    
427 Albert, Philip L.
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 USA Marine - Pvt. D Co 1st Bn, 4th Marine Regt.
other roster listed as H Co.
Originally from Illinois
Alchin, Mervyn  AUS Army - Pvt.    
607 Alderson, Herbert John  AUS Army - Dvr.    
50 Aldrich, Robert Leroy
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  USA Army - Sgt. CAC Hq Btry 2nd Bn, 200th CA Regt. (AA) Retired Albuquerque, NM
Deceased  Memorial Day 1988
1078 Allen, George  BRI Army - Pvt.    
1632 Allen, Hugh Hunter   USA Army - Cpl.    
6 Allen, John H  USA Army - 2nd LT. Infantry - Hq Co. 192nd Tank Bat. Prov. Tank Gr. Transferred to Fukuoka - 01,
then to Mukden 25 April 45
1626 Allen, Neville   AUS Army - Pvt.    
147 Allen, Walter Paul   USA Army - Pvt. CAC E Btry  59th CA Regt,  HDM & SB  
1243 Allyn, James Joseph   USA Army - PFC    
838 Altena, Davis van   DUT Army - Gi Sld.    
273 Altendorf, Melvin Richards   USA Army - Pvt. CAC E Btry   60th CA Regt. (AA) HDM &  SB  
1364 Amersfoort, Hendrik van   DUT Marine - Sgt.    
559 Anderson, Donald Godfrey   AUS Army - Pvt.    
1767 Anderson, Donald Raymond   USA Army - Pvt. Medic 31st Inf Regt (US) Hq. Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Illinois
Anderson, John (E-mail)
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BRI Royal Army
Service Corps
      Died  25 Sept. 1944 of Croup Pneumonia in Camp 17
1525 Anderson, William George A.  AUS Army - Pvt.    
143 Andreottola, Samuel Joseph  USA Army - Pvt. K Co.  31st Inf Regt (US)   Phil Div.  
1864 Andringa, Arthur Richard  DUT Army - Pvt.    
Archie, T. (from London) BRI Army - Sgt.    
146 Ard, Oliver  USA Army - PFC K Btry 60th CA Regt (AA) HDM & SB  
671 Ardenne, Cato van    DUT Army - Cadet    
1221 Arends, Andrew George
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USA Army - PFC Battalion I  59th CAC Deceased  02 October 2008
Son (Dale) Contact: E-mail or
9912 66th Ave E. Puyallup, WA. 98373
746 Arends, Teunis Cornelis  DUT Army - Sgt.    
1137 Armijo, Manuel Anastacio
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 USA Army - 1/Sgt. 200th CAA
Battery "C"
Deceased  22 June 2004
1909 Armstrong, Alfred  AUS Army AF -Cpl.    
1925 Armstrong, Russell Graham  AUS Army - L/Cpl.    
1927 Arnold, George Richard  AUS Army - Pvt.    
493 Arnaud, Ernist Victor  USA Army Air Corp -  PFC 2nd Obsn Sqdn , 27th
Bomb Gr.L, V Bomb Cmd.
1724 Aschenbrenner, Reinholdt  USA Marine - PFC 4th Marines-
Marine Air Warning Co
Deceased -Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Lincoln, Nebraska
1045 Aspin, James  BRI Army - Dvr.    
1869 Aster, Karl (email contact)
2nd -email contact
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CZECH Civilian   P.O. Box 312  Captiva, FL.  33924
1465 Atkinson, Leonard James M.  AUS Army - Pvt.    
? Arts, Theodorus DUT Army - Cpl.    
331 Atwood, Troyse Elmore  USA Army - Pvt. I Btry  59th CA Regt,  HDM & SB  
1867 Augustin, Ragnavald  NOR Civilian    
163 Auld, Forrest Francis  USA Army - Pvt. 16th Bomb Sqdn., 27th
Bomb Gr.L, V Bomb Cmd.
1323 Austin, James Hall  USA Army - Pvt.   Deceased  29 December 1986
707 Auwerda, Johannes  DUT Army - Sgt.    
1748 Ayers, Andrew (Andy) Jackson  USA Army - Pvt.

27th Bomb Gp (L)
Hq & Hq Sqdn

Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: San Pedro, Calif.
195 Ayers, Billy Alvin
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  See War Crimes Affidavit's
 USA Army - Pvt. 7th Mat. Sqdn.,19th Bomb
Group H, Bomber Cmd.
Deceased  14 September 1992.
Buried in Algoma Cemetery, Marshall, TX

* Ban  is the Japanese name for "number"     NAT: Nationality  USA-America,  AUS-Australian, BRI-British
                                                                    DUT-Dutch,   CZECH-Czechoslovakian,   NOR-Norwegian

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