Daalen Meijer, Emil van    DUT Army - Mil./Sgt.      
1350 Daendels, Jack    DUT Army - Sgt.    
1417 Dahmen, Charles William    DUT Army - Sld.    
124 Dale, Dewey N.
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Marine - Cpl. K Co. 3rd Bn. 4th Marines Battery A (AA) Deceased  4 June 2002 
94 Dale, Lee Albright     USA Army - Cpl. K Btry 60th CAC Regt (AA)
154 Dallago, Valentine R.    USA Army - PFC. D Btry 200th CAC Regt (AA)  
1395 Daniel, Paul    DUT Army - Sld.    
1947 Daniels, Nevill Charles Walter    AUS Army - Gunner    
1594 Dann, Lawrence Richard    AUS Army - Pvt.    
  Darphorn, Arie    DUT Marine-Sgt/Mach     
87 Daubenspeck, Clarence
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   USA Army - Cpl. H Co. 31st Inf Regt (US) Phil Div. 910 Rexdale Dr. Nashville, TN. 37217 
Deceased  13 Dec 2003
231 Daughtery, Benny Jason    USA Army - PFC. A Btry 200th CAC Regt (AA)  
1830 Davey, Leonard Alfred      BRI Army - Pvt.     
1977 Davidson, Harley John    AUS Army-Gunner    
945 Davies, Edward Jon     BRI Army - Sgt.    
1031 Davies, Ivor     BRI Army - Dvr.    
1153 Davis, Charles George    USA Army - Sgt.    
1136 Davis, Jay B.    USA Army - 1/Sgt.    
415 Davis, Paul    USA Army - Pvt. CWS K Co. 31st Inf Regt
(US) Phil Div.
1607 Dawson, Albert Walker    AUS Army - Pvt.    
595 Dawson, Leslie John    AUS Army - Pvt.    
1967 Dawson, Neil Trevor    AUS Army - Pvt.    
1030 Day, Maurice     BRI Army - Dvr.    
544 Dayble, Robert George    AUS Army - Pvt.    
1926 Dean, William George    AUS RAAF - L/Ac   Loading Aircraftsman
  Deatherage, Harvey Lee    USA Civilian Compton, California
Captured in Manila
Died in camp 13 December, 1944
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
1661 Deeth, Frederick George      BRI Army -Gunner     
401 Deissner, George D.    USA Army - Pvt. Signal Corps 17th Sig Platoon Died in Camp:  31 July 1944
699 Dekkers, Cornelis    DUT Army - Sgt.    
1295 DelPino, Antonio    USA Army - Pvt.    
1674 Deman, A. G.        
309 Demars, Virgil  Dickerson    USA Army - PFC. A Co. 31st Inf Regt (US) Phil Div.  
  Denkelaar, Ellis  Peter    DUT Army - Sld.    
1649 Dennis, William Miller    USA Civilian     
241 Denny, Marvin Wakerfierld    USA Army - PFC Svc Co 31st Inf Regt
(US) Phil Div.
  Deogh, Reginald Burton    AUS Army - Pvt.    
828 Dering, Siebrand    DUT Army - Fus.    
  Derkenne, Edward Gerard    AUS Army - S/Sgt.    
1700 Derrick, William Taft    USA Navy - PhM/1C Cavite Yale Yard - Dispensary Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Nobel, Louisiana
1306 Derry, Arthur Leone


Army - Pvt.    
1172 Dersey, H. S.       Deceased
1746 Dessauer, Wiley John


Army - Pvt.  60th C.A.(AA)Battery  A Deceased 
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Tucson, AZ.
1898 Dewey, Geoffrey    AUS RAAF - Sgt.    
1575 Dews, Ira Lake
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   AUS Army - Spr.    
1695 Di Maio, Charles     USA Navy - CTM  MTB Sqdn 3 - PT 31 Deceased: Last known address Morris Cove, Conn.
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
51 Diaz, Louis Jr.    USA Army - Sgt.   HQ Btry 200th CAC Regt (AA)  
869 Dibbets, Julius Gerard Johan    DUT Army - Sld.    
1349 Diepenveen (?Sp) Frans    DUT Army - Sgt.    
  Deissner, George D.    USA Army - Pvt.  Signal Corps Died in Camp 31 July 1944
  Dijkstra, Gerardus Augusto    DUT Marine - Cpl.    
758 Dikkeschey, Jacob C. T.    DUT Army - Sgt.    
310 Dinneen, Glen Daniel
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   USA Army - Pvt. B Btry 59th CA Regt (AA)
Deceased  18  September 1968
1976 Dinon, Joseph    AUS Army - Pvt.    
615 Dixon, Garnet Frank    AUS Army - Pvt.    
648 Doderico, Bert    AUS Army - Dvr.    
1718 Dodson, Merrill Eugene    USA Navy-PhM 3/C USNH Canacao Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Iowa
513 Dodsworth, William Robert    AUS Army - Sgt.    
1974 Dolan, Vivien Alfred    AUS Army - WO 2/40th  
904 der Donk, Antonius J. van    DUT Army - Fus.    
  Donkelaar, Jan van    DUT Marine - Cpl.    
1919 Doresit, Charles Leonard


1430 Dorfel, Friedrick    DUT Army - Sld.    
268 Dorris, Reynolds Othello


Army - Pvt. 17th Pursuit Sqdn 24th Bomb Gr. (L)  V Bomb Cmd.  
1311 Dorsey, James Lovell    USA Navy - F 2/C    
1273 Dotter, Floyd Harry    USA Army - Pvt.    
  Drake, Leslie Claude     BRI Army - Dvr.    
1893 Draper, Douglas Lavington    AUS RAAF - Pvt.    
  Driel van, Arie    DUT Army - Cpl.    
1831 Dryden, William    BRI Army - Pvt.    
388 DuBois, Albert J.
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Army - Pvt. 192nd Tank Batt.Co. A
Prov. Tank Gr.
Deceased  03 August 2012
332 Duckworth, Edrew Hancel    USA Army - Pvt. CWS 7th Cem (Avn)  
1832 Dudley, Alex Ernest    BRI Army - Gunner    
76 Dudley, Floyd Joy Jr.    USA Marine - Sgt. B Co 1st Bn 4th Marine Regt.  
  Duffy, John E. (Father)
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   USA Chaplain - Maj.   Transferred  25 April 1945 - to Mukden
along with Capt. Tisdale & others
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
1209 Duggan, Edward James    USA Marine - Cpl.    
622 Duggin, John Alan    AUS Army - Pvt.    
1348 Duijshart, A. Ch.    DUT Army - Sgt.    
1520 Dumbrell, Douglas Wilmot    AUS Army - Pvt.    
44 Dumas, Manson    USA Army - Sgt. 454th Ord Co (Avn) 27th Bomb Gr. (L) V Bomb Cmd.  
508 Duncan, Ian L.     AUS Captain Medic Camp Dr. at 17. Mentioned in Whitecross's excellent book, "Slaves of the Son of Heaven". Published in 1951, the book mentions many names and incidents from Camp 17. Duncan is credited with trying to save life of David Runge, forced to kneel in snow for several days.
311 Dunlap, Robert L. Sr.    USA Army - PFC. F Btry 200th CAC Regt (AA) Mamerow has Dunlap as #311 and #1636, thus Dunlap was possibly sent to another labor camp or detail and returned as #1636. NARA has Dunlap as #311.
1062 Dunn, Harry    BRI Army - Dvr.    
655 Dunnell, Norman Leonard    AUS Army - Pvt.    
  Dunphy, Rick William    AUS Army - Pvt.    
1032 Dyer, James William     BRI Army - Dvr.    

* Ban  is the Japanese name for "number"     NAT: Nationality  USA-America,  AUS-Australian, BRI-British
                                                                    DUT-Dutch,   CZECH-Czechoslovakian,   NOR-Norwegian

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