Kahinu, Ah Ching    USA Civilian Honolulu, Hawaii Captured on Wake Island
348 Karmendat, Charles
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   USA Army - Pvt. K Btry 59th CA Regt HDM & SB  
1592 Karnaghan, Keith Hill    AUS Army - Spr. 2/12th  Fld Coy  
97 Karpinski, Chester    USA Army Air Corp - Cpl. 24th Pursuit Group
 V Intcp Cmd
245 Kasner, Gerald Casimer    USA Army -PFC. CE A Co. 803rd Engr Bn (Avn)  
909 Katarsky, Oleg    DUT Army - Sgt.    
1332 Katchuck, Alexander    USA USMC - Pvt.    
592 Kearl, Lawrence Georg    AUS Army - Dvr.    
111 Kearney, Clarence Henry    USA Army - Cpl. CAC I Btry 60th CA (AA) HDM & SB  
1923 Kearney, Frederick John    AUS Amy - L/Cpl. 2/40th  
  Keating, Thomas    AUS Army - Pvt.    
  Keefe, William Athol    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/40th  
213 Keidel, Roy Wesley    USA Army - Pvt. CAC 2nd Bn 60th CA (AA) HDM & SB  
157 Keilholz, Ervin    USA Army - PFC. CAC D Btry. 200th CA Regt. (AA) Deceased  09 July 1983
1257 Keith, Howard Burton Jr.    USA Army - Pvt.    
1497 Kelly, John Phillip    AUS Army - Pvt.    
  Kendall, Keith James (Count)    AUS Army - Cpl. 27 Bd. Ord. Fld  
925 Kentgens, Ferdinand M.
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   DUT Army - Sld.   Deceased  19 July  2003
316 Ker, Donald Edward    USA Army - PFC. 20th Pursuit Sq./24th Pursuit Gr V Intcp Comd. Deceased  10 June 1990
  Kershaw, Thomas    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/20th  
  Kestles, Thomas    AUS Army - Pvt. 4th Res. MT  
880 Ketterij, Klaas van der
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   DUT Army - Pvt.    
722 Keunen, Albertus Matthias Theodorus    DUT Army - Sgt. Telg    
275 Khoury, David Joseph (Jr. ?)    USA Army - Pvt. CAC L Btry 60th CA Regt. (AA) HDM & SB  
1866 Kibsgaard, Torvald A.
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Served with US Army troops on
Deceased  13 March 2012 - age 94
675 Kieft, Johannes Antonius    DUT Army - Sgt./M    
1236 Kincaid, Woodrow Thomas
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   USA Army - PFC. Btry "L" 60th CA Corregidor Deceased  25 Nov. 1995
234 Kindel, Merle, Arthur    USA Army - PFC. CAC A Btry 200th CA Regt. (AA)  
  King, George Hector    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/2nd Pioneers  
214 King, George Richard    USA Army Air Corp - Pvt. 19th Air Base Sqdn. 20th Air Base Gr. FEAF  
347 King, Henry Hughes.    USA Army Air Corp - Pvt. 7th Matl. Sq. 19th Bomb Gr. (H)  V Bomb Comd. Resides  in Texas as of January 2006
317 King, Leo LeRoy    USA Army - PFC. G Co. 31st Infantry Regt.
 (US) Phil Div.
  Kingston, Kemerley Birch    AUS W.O. RAAF  
  Kingston, Robert Lyell    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/40th  
335 Kirchhoff, Herbert (Bud) Jr.
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Army - Pvt. 192nd Tank Battalion 
Co. "B"
  Prov. Tank Gr
  Klavern, Egbertus N van    DUT Navy-Sgt./trpm    
436 Kliss, John Stephen  Jr.    USA USMC - PFC I Co. 3rd Bn.
4th Marines Regt.
  Kloet, Harry Preston
van der
   DUT Army - Sld.    
  Knight, Edward Alexander    AUS Army - Pvt. 4 Res MT  
  Knight, Freer Tasman    AUS Army - Gunner 2/1st Heavy Battery  
  Knight, James E. (Edward ALexander?)    USA Army - Pvt. QMC, 31st Infantry Died in 1951
253 Knight, William Nobel    USA Army - Cpl. CAC H Btry 60th CA (AA) HDM & SB Turned in to the Japanese by Lt. E. Little
Beaten and starved over several days for "stealing" rice. 
Death on  20 May 1945
  Knott, Claude    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/4th MG  
190 Kobert, Owen Richard    USA Army - PFC. Army Air Corp - PFC.  
897 De Kok, Albertus F.    DUT Army - Sld.    
190 Kolard, A. R.    USA      
81 Kolatsky, Thomas
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   USA Army - Sgt. CAC D Btry 59th CA HDM & SB Deceased  9 March 1992
176 Koleczek, John
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   USA Army - Pvt. 192nd Tank Bn  
Hq. Co. Prov Tank Gr.
Deceased  29 July 1987
  Kolt, Edmond - See Kulezewski, Edmond Donald       See Kulezewski, Edmond Donald -  Below
759 Koornneef, Pieter    DUT Army - Kpl.    
1853 Kop, Hendrik    DUT Army - Kpl..    
  Koppenol, Bou?en     DUT Army - Sgt.    
1402 Kops, James    DUT Army - Sld.    
35 Korczyk, Stanley Paul    USA Army Air Corp - S/Sgt. Hq and Hq Sqdn 20th Air Base Gr. FEAF Deceased  28 July 1990
  Kornmann, Willem    DUT Army - Sgt.    
729 Korsten, Hendrikus    DUT Army - Sgt.    
837 Kouwenhoven, Jacob    DUT Army - Sld.    
  Krasnostein, Leslie    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/4th MG  
1860 Kreemens, Wilhelmus    DUT Army - Pvt.    
1404 Krens, Charles Wilhelm Alexander    DUT Army - Sld.    
426 Krutsch, Arthur Franklin
Also known as Hendricks, F Krutsch
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  USA USN - S2/c USS Canopus  
1218 Kuehn, Edwin Ferdinand    USA Army - PFC.    
1775 Kuhn, Lloyd Willard    USA Army - Pvt.
Medic Detach.
19th Bomb Gr. H Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Nousta, OK.
1384 Kuhr, Udo    DUT Army - Cpl.    
1852 Kuilen, Geurt van der    DUT Army - Sgt.    
  Kuiper, Jacobus    DUT Army - Mil. Sld.    
479 & 1634 Kulezewski, Edmond Donald    USA Army Air Corp - Pvt. 17th Bomb Sq., 27th Bomb Group L
V Bomb Comd.
Transferred, returned as Ban # 1634.
Kulczewski on some rosters is nicknamed "Kolt"
1768 Kurvers, Harold  "Snuff"  
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Army - Pvt. Medic 194th Tank Battalion  Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Deceased  29 May 2013 (age 94)
1766 Kusek, George James    USA Army - Pvt. Medic Hospital #2 Cabcaben Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Oklahoma City, OK.
1761 Kush, Zachary


Army - Pvt. Medic   Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Elbert, W.VA.
395 Kushner, Jack Jerome    USA Army - Pvt. A Co. 803rd Engr. Bn. (Avn)  
1355 Kuyper, Leendert    DUT Army - Sgt.    
673 Kuys, Johannes Hendriks    DUT Army - Sgt./Maj.    
770 Kuzee, Marinus    DUT Navy - Kpl./ Mach.    
1157 Kwiecinski, Walter (Finch)
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Army - S/Sgt  60th Coast Artillery
Battery "E" 
Transferred late Dec. 1944 to Fukuoka #1.
Deceased  08 May 1988               
478 Kyler, Stanley Hardin
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   USA Army - Pvt. 192nd Tank Bn  
Hq. Co. Prov Tank Gr.
Deceased  15 May 1992

* Ban  is the Japanese name for "number"     NAT: Nationality  USA-America,  AUS-Australian, BRI-British
                                                                    DUT-Dutch,   CZECH-Czechoslovakian,   NOR-Norwegian


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