463 Maberry, Max Paul    USA Army - PFC. 20th Pursuit Sq./24th Pursuit Gr V Intcp Comm.  
272 MacDonald, Jack Malcolm    USA Army - PFC  2nd Obsn Sqdn 27th Bomb Gr. V Bomb Comd.  
48 Mace, Don E
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  USA   Army - Sgt. CAC L Btry. 60th CA Regt (AA) HDM & SB Deceased  24 February 1986
1245 Mack, He. E.        
465 Maestas, Manuel
   See Biography Page
   USA Army - PFC. CAC F & C Btry.  59th CA Regt.  HDM & SB Deceased  01 July 2012
  Magor, Reginald Gordon   AUS Army - Dvr. 2/4 MG  
767 Made, Marinus van der
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   DUT Marine Korp./Mach.   Deceased 20 November 2007
 1638 0r 1640 Mainer, Robert    USA Army    Died in "hospital" in camp 15 August 1945
  Makkinga Adam Pieter J.    DUT Army - Mil./Sld    
1656 Malanya, C. E.        
574 Mallett, Reginald Hubert
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  AUS Army - Dvr. AASC:
Before Camp 17 he Slave labored in the jungles of Thailand working on the death railway.
Lived in Geelong Victoria from 1948 until his death in August 1991. Was very involved in the EX POW Association in Geelong and Victoria
  Mallise, John Alexander   AUS Army - Pvt. 2/18th Deceased  August 1991
1329 Malone, James Howard
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   USA Marine - PFC. ASTCK - 4th Marines, 1st  Bn Hq. Went by "Howard". Killed in a car cash at age 32.
1 Mamerow, John R.    USA Army - Captain
(later Major)
AGD HQ. Philippine Dept
Camp Commander until Transferred
Transferred  25 April 1945
  Man, Arnoldus Gerrit de    DUT Army - B.Sld.    
  Mann, Percival James   AUS Army - Sgt.    
145 Mansell, George Jr.    USA Army - Pvt.  745 Aviation Ord. Co.
(Med Section)
33 Manson, Martin Arnold    USA Army - S/Sgt.  CE Hq.Co. 803rd Engineer Bn. (Avn)  
1915 Mantach, William   AUS  Army - Cpl.  2/20th  
  Marlin, Cyril Hilton   AUS  Army - Pvt.  2/18th  
1450 Marshall, Eric Leslie    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/12th Fld. Coy  
548 Marshall, Mervyn George    AUS Army - Gunnar 2/10th Fld. Coy  
1496 Marshall, Ronald Max    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/18th  
1979 Marshall, Stanley John    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/40th  
1931 Marston, Cyril Donald C.    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/40th  
1269 Martel, Edward Francis
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   USA Army - Pvt. 192nd Tank Batt. Co. C Deceased 14  August 2008
1170 Martin, Harry Newhall Jr.    USA Army - Cpl.     
1491 Martin, John Thomas    AUS Army - Pvt. 8 Div. Mob Laundry  
98 Martin, James Robert (Bob)
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  See Tank Batt. Photo
   USA Army - Cpl.  192nd Tank Battalion
Company B  Prov. Tank Gr.

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Deceased  31 August 1997
1456 Martin, Sid Harold Stanton    AUS Army - Pvt. 22 BDE HQ  
502 Martin, Walter John    USA Army - Sgt. Medic  
296 Martinat, Walter Ernest    USA Army - Pvt.  MD 48th Matl. Sqdn. 27th Bomb Gr. (L) V Bomb Comd.  
  Martinez, George E.
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   USA Army - Pvt. 200th C.A.C. Battery G  Transferred to Mukaishima #4B Hiroshima Deceased  13 October 1989
365 Martinez, Luciano S. Jr.    USA Army - Pvt. CAC Btry G & H 200th CA Regt. (AA) Born 22 May 1922
Died in camp 14 August 1944 
996  Maryan, Frederick John    BRI Army - Dvr.    
1849 Marynissen, Piet Johannes    DUT Army - Sgt.    
1675 Mashenbrack, J. J.    DUT Army - Sld.    
1223 Mason, John Henry    USA Army - PFC.     
1207 Mason, Ralph Taylor    USA Marine - Mesh/Sgt.     
12 Massingill, Harvey Lee    USA Navy - COM Chief Petty Officer 
CQM  USS  Canopus Submarine Sqdn. 2
112 Masters, Cedric Errol Jr.    USA Army Air Corp - Cpl. 34th Pursuit Sq.  24th Pursuit Group  V Intcp Comm.  
1818 Masters, Thomas Cook    BRI Army - Sapper    
1743 Mate, Lester L (see Mote)


Army - Pvt.   On NARA as Mate, however, name is Mote
  Mather, Ronald George
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  AUS Army - Spr. 2/6th Fld Coy      
1638 Matthews, James T.    USA Army - Pvt.     
1449 Mawson, William Joseph    AUS Army - Spr. 2/6th Fld Coy  
1706 Maxwell, Frank Lellwyn    USA Navy- PhM1C  USS Napa Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Birmingham, AL.
139 May, John Wilson    USA Army - Cpl.  CAC E Btry 200th CA Regt. (AA)  
1537 May, William Patrick    AUS Army - Cpl. AASC  
1562 Mayberry, John Alexander    AUS Army - Signm. 8 Div Sigs  
1951 Mayger, Stanley Vernon    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/40th  
   McAllister, William    BRI Army - Pvt.     
   McArthur, Alan Herbert   AUS Army - Pvt. 2/40th     
   McAulay, Alfred    BRI Army - Dvr.      
159 McCafferty, Eugene Lester    USA Army Air Corps - PFC.  7th Mat. Sqdn. 19th Bomb Gr. (H) V Bomb Comd. Resides in Texas as of January 2006
1765 McCaffery, Richard Edward    USA Army - Pvt.  Medic  Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Soladad, CA. 
  McCarthy, Lyle   AUS Army - Pvt. 2/18th  
  McClelland, Donald William   AUS Army - Pvt. 1 Amphibian  Squadron  
178 McClintock, Domonick USA Army - Pvt.  E Co. 31st Inf.  Regt. (US) Phil Div
McCluskey, Harry Lawrence USA Army - Pvt.  19th Bomb Group Transferred: at Camp 17 ~ 8 September 1944 to 15 December 1944.
179 McConnell, Wilbur Robert    USA Army - Pvt.  693rd Ord Co (Avn) 24th Pursuit Gr. V Intcp. Comd.  
  McCormack, Roland M.    USA Army - Pvt. C Co. 31st Infantry  Regt. Died in Camp  31 March 1945
acute enteritis and malnutrition
448 McCormick, Robert Neal    USA Army - Pvt.  Medic  
974 McCorry, William Gibson    BRI Army - Cpl. Medic  
  McCosker, Gordon Joseph   AUS Army - Gnr. 2/10th Fld Reg  
  McCotter, Joseph   AUS Army - Pvt. AASC  
236 McDermott, Norman Jacklin    USA Army - PFC.  SC 228th Sig Opns Co  
  McDonald, Joseph Oliver   AUS Army - Sgt. 2/10th Fld Amb  
957 McDonough, Hugh Dermo    BRI Army - L/Sgt.    
1308 McDonough, Raymond Peter    USA Navy - Sea/1c    
1806 McEvoy, John    BRI Army - Pvt.    
  McGee, Emmett Mitchell   AUS Army - Sapper 2/6th Fld Coy  
1651 McGill, Warren O.    USA Civilian Meridian, Idaho Captured on Wake Island
  McGrath, George James   AUS Army - Dvr. 4th Res MT  
  McHardy, George    BRI Army - Sgt.    
  McKean, James Robert C.   AUS Army - Pvt. 2/29th  
352 McKinney, Walter Lewis    USA Army - Pvt.  CAC I Btry.  60th CA Regt. (AA) HDM & SB  
413 McKnight, Thomas William    USA Army - PFC. ORD Deceased  09 May 1991
  McLean, Donald David   AUS Navy - Ld Std. R.A.N.  
1821 McLean, James Hamilton    BRI Army - L/ Cpl Gunnar
Argyll & Suth Hghldrs
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
  McMillan, Gordon James   AUS Army - Pvt. 2/10 Ord. Fld. Pk.  
  McMillan, Raymond Clement   AUS RAAF - W.O. RAAF  
944 McMullen, Joseph Harrison   BRI Army - L/Sgt.    
215 McPhail, Roy Otis    USA Army - Pvt.  CAC L Btry 60th CA Regt. (AA)  HDM & SB Deceased  28 July 1995
1250 McPherson, John Franklin   USA  Army - PFC. 31st Infantry  
953 McPherson, William John H.   BRI Army - Sgt.    
307 McRee, H. L.    USA      
  McVeigh, Edward Douglas   AUS Army - Dvr. AASC  
353 McYntre, Donald Wayne    USA Army - Pvt. ORD  
1683 Medderman, J.        
319 Medina, Joe Abe (Jose)    USA Army - PFC. CAC H Btry. 200th Regt. (AA) Deceased  28 February 1993
998  Mee, Thomas Henry    BRI Army - Dvr.    
1735 Meek, Joseph Oscar    USA Civilian   Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Manila, Philippines
1603 Meers, Jack    AUS Army - Pvt.      
1421 Meeuwse, Johannes    DUT Army - Sld.      
  Meijer, Jaap    DUT Army - Sld.    
   Meijer Daalen, Emil van    DUT Army - Mil./Sgt.    under "D's" as Daalen
918 Meijer, Roelof Frederik    DUT Army -Mil./Sld      
403 Meisner, Albert Herman    USA Army - Pvt.  CAC B Btry. 59th Regt.
1208 Mellies, Warren Harding
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   USA USMC - Cpl.   Deceased  20 January 2002
247 Mendoza, Louis Ortega    USA Army - PFC.  CAC Hq. Btry 200th CA Regt. (AA)  
874 MenGerink, Herman
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   DUT Army - Sld./Gav Royal Dutch Indian Army Deceased  11 February 2005
  Meuldijk, Cornelis    DUT Army - Sld.    
  Meuleman, Martin Johan C    DUT Army - Cpl.    
  Meyer, Hendrik Frits W.    DUT Army - Sgt.     
451 Meyers, Johnny Sanford
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   USA Army Air Corp - Pvt. 16th Bomb Sqdn. 27th Bomb Gr. (L) V Bomb Comd. Deceased  19 January 1977
216 Michaels, William G.    USA Army - Pvt.  CAC Ft. Mills Phil Div. Died in Camp  20 April 1945
  Michell, Eugene Thomas    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/40th  
1653 Miles, Dick John    USA Civilian Donnelly, Idaho Captured on Wake Island
1819 Miles, John Lawrence    BRI Army- Gunner     
1129 Miley, William John    BRI Navy - A.B.    
82 Miller, Frank Victor    USA Army - Sgt.  D Co. 31st Infantry Regt.
(US) Phil Div.
570 Miller, John George    AUS Army - Gunner 2/10th Fld Reg.  
1219 Miller, Roland Edgar    USA Army - PFC.     
542 Miller, Reginald James    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/4th MG   
320 Millison, Clarence Edward    USA Army - PFC.  D Co. 31st Infantry  Regt.
(US) Phil Div.
374 Milon, Frank John    USA Army - Pvt.  A Co. 31st Infantry Regt.
(US) Phil Div.
834 Minnema, Gerrit    DUT Army - Sold.      
237 Mirando, Pasquale P.    USA Army - PFC.  CAC B Btry. 59th Regt.
Died in Camp  12 August 1945
1696 Mitchum, Winfred Allen    USA Navy - Chief Yeoman    Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Houston, TX.
295 Mize, Lucius Ernest Jr.    USA Army - PFC.   CE C Co. 803rd Engr. Bn (Avn)  
1245  Mock, Harry Frederick    USA Army - PFC.    
1680 Modderman, Jan    DUT Army - Sld.    
  Molen, Cornelis van der    DUT Army - Sld.    
437 Molenda, Steve Albert    USA USMC - PFC. M Co 3rd Bn 4th Marine Regt.  
  Molier, Johannes    DUT Marine- KWM    
1375 Moller, Henri Willem    DUT Army - Cpl.    
1058 Monks, Albert    BRI Army - Pvt.    
1943 Monagham, Milton Charles    AUS Army - Pvt.    
396 Montgomery, Leslie Clifford    USA Army Air Corp - Pvt. 2nd Obsn Sqdn 27th Bomb Gr. (L)  V Bomb Comd.  
140  Montoya, Ben    USA Army - Cpl. CAC H Btry. 200th Regt. (AA) Brother to #464 ~ Deceased 16 March, 2007 in Albuquerque, NM.
464 Montoya, Horacio Higino
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   USA Army - PFC. CAC H Btry. 200th Regt. (AA) Brother to #140 Deceased  27  Oct. 2009  age 93, in Albuquerque, NM.
Published book: "Rising Sun Over Bataan: Memoirs Of War"
745 Mook, Arie    DUT Army - B. Sgt    
? Moon, Harley Russell


Navy - SC1   First 500 into Camp 17
Transferred 10 Dec 1944
1499 Moore, Arthur Charles    AUS Army - Sapper 2/6th Fld Coy  
1518 Moore, Cyril Phillip Clarence    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/2 Res MT  
1007 Moore, David    BRI Army - Pvt.    
307 Moore, Henry Isaac    USA Army - Pvt. CAC D Btry. 515th Regt. (AA)       
751 Moorman, Sam    DUT Army-Mil.Wmn    
351 Morehead, Charles
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   USA Army - Pvt. CAC Hq. Btry 59th CA Regt HDM & SB Died in Camp  30 March 1945
Niece: Susan Reichert  2400 Linkenholt Dr.
Collierville, TN.  38017
1143 Morello, Emil Severine
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   USA Army - S/Sgt. 194th Tank Battalion  C Co. Deceased  16th or 17 October 1990
1957 Morgan, Gordon Roy    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/40th  
1437 Morgan, Henry Bidmead    AUS Army - Cpl. 8 Div Postal Unit    
254 Morgan, Jack Dewitt    USA Army - Pvt. L Co. 31st Infantry Regt.
(US) Phil Div.
1820 Morgan, Ronald    BRI Army - Pvt.    
354 Morris, Gilbert Comus    USA Army - Pvt.  QMC QM Det.
 Ft. Wm McKinley
1546 Morris, Roy James    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/19th  
  Morris, Walter
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   BRI Army - Driver Royal Army Service Corps Died in Camp 23 Dec. 1944: aged 32,
of acute enteritis and beri beri
Buried at Yokohama Cemetery
  Morton, Charles J.    BRI Army - L/Cpl. Gordon Highlanders Died in camp 09 April 1945
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Glasgow Scotland
921 Mos, Dirk Bertus    DUT Army - Matr.    
1743 Mote, Lester L.    USA Army - Pvt. CAC - 60th CA Regt. (AA)
M Battery
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Quanah, Texas
376 Motley, Sherman Erwin    USA Army - Pvt.  CAC A Btry 60th CA Regt. (AA)  HDM & SB   
1407 Motman, Gerard    DUT Marine-Mil.Stkr.    
1344 Mout, Hendrik    DUT Army - Sgt.    
438 Mouton, Grover Ernest, Jr.
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   USA USMC - PFC.  K Co 3rd Bn 4th Marines Deceased  17 June 1994
  Mowbray, Stewart    BRI Army - Pvt.    
128 Moye, Holland Oliver    USA USMC - 1/c ASTCK Hq Co 2nd Bn 4th Marines

In charge of a work detail in camp
Severely beaten, an eye knocked out
(by Fukuhara's belt buckle), confined to guardhouse: for giving the men a break when it was raining.
  Moylan, Neville    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/20th   
1249 Mueller, Louis George Jr.
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   USA Army - PFC. 33rd Qtm. Truck Co. C  
625 Mueller, Raymond Henry    AUS Army - Dvr. 4th Res MT  
1453 Muirhead, Robert Edmund J.    AUS Navy - A.B.S. R.A.N.  
695 Muller, Diedrik Gerard    DUT Army - Sgt.    
693 Muller, Johan Clemens    DUT Army - Sgt. Art.    
  Munro, Angus John   AUS Army - Pvt. AASC     
617 Murchie, John Langford    AUS Army - Pvt. 22 BDE Ord. Fld. PI. Living in Melbourne, AUS.
Dragged Reginald Mallet out of a mine when Reginald had a hernia prolapse.
972 Murdoch, George    BRI Army - Cpl.    
569 Murdock, Kenneth Legori    AUS Army - Pvt.  2/20th  
180 Murdock, Robert George    USA Army - Pvt.  SC V Intcp Cmd FEAF  
1454 Murphy, Alec Charles    AUS Navy - Able Body Seaman  R.A.N.  
1316 Murphy, Joseph Cornelius    USA USMC - PFC.     
1268 Murray, Dempsey    USA Army - Pvt.    
1448 Murray, George Frederick    AUS Army - Spr. 2/6th Fld. Coy  
1600 Murray, Robert Milne    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/2nd Pioneers  
446 Mutchmore, Victor Boyd    USA Army - Pvt. H Co. 31st Infantry Regt.
(US) Phil Div.
1704 Myers, Estel or Ester Browning  USA Navy - PhM 2/c USNH Canacao Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Louisville, KY.

* Ban  is the Japanese name for "number"     NAT: Nationality  USA-America,  AUS-Australian, BRI-British
                                                                    DUT-Dutch,   CZECH-Czechoslovakian,   NOR-Norwegian

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