1173 N??on, K. S.        
1178 Naecelans, L.        
356 Navardos, Junius Aljarro   USA Army - Pvt. CAC G Btry 59th CA Regt.  HDM & SB  
894 Nederhand, Frank  
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   DUT Army - Gav Tank   Died May 2001 
Son: Frank 1669 Pinefield Rd.
Marietta, GA 30066 (770) 591-4042
40 Nelson, Cecil Clovis   USA Army Air Corp - S/Sgt. 21st Pursuit Sq. 24th Purs. Gr. V Intcp. Comd. Died in Camp 1 July 1944
1200 Nese, E. E.        
1859 Nesquillte, T.        
1869 Nester, K.        
  Neville, W. W. (Bud)       Died  10 January 1993
1817 Newton, Charles    BRI Army - Gunner    
1004 Newton, Frederick Courtney John    BRI Army - Dvr.    
1286 Newton, Harold Ernest Sr.    USA Army - Pvt.    
995 Newton, Walter    BRI Army - Dvr.    
  Ney, Ralph Stephen    USA Navy - PhM2C 4th Marines - 2nd Bn. Hq. Died in Camp 18 February 1945
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Washington state
1472 Nichelsen, Roy Alban    AUS Army - Spr. 2/6th Fld Coy  
1551 Nicholls, Alan Sydney    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/2nd Pioneers  
525 Nicholls, James Hamilton    AUS Army - L/Cpl. 2/2 Res MT  
1458 Nicholls, Maurice James    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/10th Ord Workshop  
1964 Nicholls, Mervyn Douglas    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/40th  
1194 Nielson, Milford    USA Navy - R 3/c    
217 Niespodziany, Joseph    USA Army Air Corp - Pvt    
1858 Nobel, Frans B. R.    DUT Army - Sld.    
1199 Nordyke, Curtis Alvin    USA Navy - R 3/c    
1790 Norman, Kenneth George
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   BRI Army - Cpl.   Died  1st November 1993
1297 Normile, John Michael    USA Army - Pvt.    
359 Norris, Carl    USA Army - Pvt. Hq Det 1st Bn 31st Infan. Regt (US) Phil Div Died in Camp  13 August 1944
407 North, Donald Raymond    USA Army Air Corp - Pvt.    
794 Nouse, Leendert Cornelis    DUT Army - Brig.    
288 Nowak, Aloysius William    USA Army - PFC. H Co. 31st Infantry Regt. (US) Phil Div  
740 Nuland, Henricus Joannes van    DUT Army -B.Wmr    
54 Nunn, Thomas Horace (Bud)    USA Army - Sgt. CAC A Btry 515th Regt. (AA)  
64 Nytra, Harry Lewis
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   USA Army - Sgt. 698 Ordnance Aviation
27th Bomb Gr. (L) V Bomb Comd.
Died 30 May 2004  
Buried at Arlington Nat. Cemetery

* Ban  is the Japanese name for "number"     NAT: Nationality  USA-America,  AUS-Australian, BRI-British
                                                                    DUT-Dutch,   CZECH-Czechoslovakian,   NOR-Norwegian

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