By Pvt. Leroy Gant of the 60th CAC. , Shawnee , Okla.

How many days, how many nights have we suffered through this war?
Hope's fading fast we'll be saved at last,
From this hell on Corregidor.
The enemy is near, but there is no fear
Of what may lie in store.
For death is a relief from the misery and grief,
We have seen on Corregidor.
All hope is gone, but we still carry on...
Each day is worse than before
Our hearts beat fast and we'll give our last
On this place called Corregidor.
No water, no sleep, nothing to eat,
Oh, how painful is defeat.
My God, we can't take much more
The sun is sinking fast over Corregidor.

The white flag is up!
The Japs have reached our shore !
The battle is lost, at a terrible cost.
Our guns will fire no more.
So till a better day, somehow, someway,
We'll be home again once more;
I'll say goodbye for those who fought and died
On this Godforsaken, Corregidor 

This poem was posted in a bar room in Olongopo, P.I. and I copied it word for word when I was in the Navy in 1954.  Sadly Pvt. Gant died in a Japanese prison camp in July of 1942.    Mr. Gary Lemon

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