The Long Dark Road


The long dark road leads from here,

We know not what its course may be;

We only know that we must go

And keep a date with destiny.

We’ve traveled far the long dark road,

By dangers side we made our bed;

The chilling breath of sudden death

Lurked right and left and overhead.

From Mount Mayon to Orion

Thru living death of O’Donnell—

From far Vigan to bleak Bataan

Thru days and nights of blazing Hell.

The road is lined with unmarked graves

Of fallen comrades, brave and true;

Beyond the skies their sleepless eyes

Are keeping watch over me and you.

The lamps of peace will burn again;

Some day we’ll drop our weary load—

Some sweet day, we trust and pray,

At the end of the long dark road.

Written four months after the date of our surrender

and on the eve of our unknown destination in Formosa.

Tarlac Prison Camp, Philippines August 9th, 1942

Brigadier General William E Brougher


Note: this poem was read by Peter Wainwright, cousin to General Jonathan Wainwright
at the Pacific War (Nimitz) Museum for a Memorial Dedication Ceremony
during the 2009 ADBC convention



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