We Were Better Than Brothers

Sit with me daughter, I have something to tell
About a young Marine when Corregidor fell.
I was on Hooker Point buried into the cliff,
50 Caliber at ready and the barges came swift.

Japs came in great waves by the light of the moon;
Guns roared to life in white hot flashes and soon
The water ran red and oh so many enemy lay dead;
But we had not enough and their hoards did spread

'Til we were overrun and locked in to surrender.
We were stripped of our weapons and the nightmare began.
Days in the sun they marched us with no water or food
A Filipino Angel gave us drink and was shot where she stood.

Cruel payment casually given for her kindness and care
Let us all know that if should we dare
To defy our captors and try to escape
They would show us no mercy and death was our fate.

We went through hell in the years to follow.
Brutal torture, disease and not a morsel to swallow.
For days on end we scavenged for just one bite
Of anything, anything at all to sustain our life.

But we made it through, Tony and me;
Half of mine for him and half of his for me,
Keeping each other alive in body and mind
We were better than brothers, survivors in kind.


ęCopyright December 7, 2004 by Annette Morgan

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