He was such a hero in all that he did, 
from the war that he fought in, to raising all his kids.
He fought for his life as a prisoner of war
with only rice and rats to eat and his health growing poor.
Death was all around him, he wondered if he'd be next.
And just when things couldn't get worse,
he faced the ultimate test.
He was force to walk back and forth across the island of Bataan
and if he were to fall or collapse his life would instantly be gone.
But soon he was liberated, he was finally free.
He would return home to his family where he was meant to be.
This fragile, frail man grew healthy once again,
but he still remembered the war every day
And all of those men.
I wish I could have met him, I miss him so much.
It's so crazy how you miss someone
that you haven't so much as touched.


by Sarah Petrie in honor of her grandfather,
Wayne Joseph Petrie


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