Oryoku Maru Survivors Reunion

Front Row: (left to right) 
   Ed Konik,  (next man -?),  Harold Kurvers - Fukuoka Camp 17, Geo. Moore - Fukuoka Camp #3 Mukden,
   (next man -?) and Art  Beale -Moji Hospital, Fukuoka 22, Mukden

Second Row:
   Otis Saalman- Fukuoka #3, Mukden,  Graham Andrews - Fukuoka #1, Jinsen, Columbus "Doc" Savage - Fukuoka #3, Mukden,
   Jack Heinzel -
Fukuoka Camp #3 Mukden,  ? man in red suit , Lou Kolger (behind man in red suit), Lloyd Mills - Fukuoka #1, Jinsen,
   Next man (in blue jacket/ribbon) is a Phony POW Imposter,
Charles Brown - Fukuoka Camp #3 Mukden
  and Harold M. Ferrell -
Moji Hospital, Fukuoka 17, Mukden

If you can help with any of the missing or (?) names, please e-mail me (see Contact Us Link)
  Photo and names courtesy of former POW Harold "Snuff" Kurvers.
                 Additional information courtesy of Jim Erickson.

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